A film-poem

“The Eyes Have Woods” is a film-poem at Vimeo. It is also featured at Moving Poems.

New & Recent

The cover of (CREATURE SOUNDS FADE) by Shanna Compton, featuring a painting of a wolf in ochre, pink, black, and gray against a pale blue-gray background. The title and author name are styled in semi-opaque black boxes and yellow monospace type, in the manner of Closed Captions, which are a theme.

Midwinter Day: A Constellation is a collaborative book written in homage to Bernadette Meyer on the 30th anniversary of her Midwinter Day, cowritten by Stephanie Anderson, Hanna Andrews, Julia Bloch, Susan Briante, Lee Ann Brown, Laynie Browne, Shanna Compton, Mel Coyle, Marisa Crawford, Vanessa Jimenez Gabb, Arielle Greenberg, Jenny Gropp, Stefania Heim, MC Hyland, erica kaufman, Becca Klaver, Caolan Madden, Pattie McCarthy, Monica McClure, Jenn Marie Nunes, Danielle Pafunda, Maryam Ivette Parhizkar, Khadijah Queen, Linda Russo, Katie Jean Shinkle, Evie Shockley, Sara Jane Stoner, Dawn Sueoka, Bronwen Tate, Catherine Wagner, Elisabeth Workman, and Mia You, and organized by Becca Klaver. It’s available from Black Lawrence Press as of January 2022. 

My fourth book of poetry, Creature Sounds Fade, is available from Black Lawrence Press (2021). It is also available from Small Press Distribution and your favorite independent bookstores. (If you’d like a signed copy, I’m working on that!)

“What I Really Wanted Was a Forest” appeared in the Lit section at The News Station (Summer 2021, no longer online)

“The Arson Prevention Program” appears on The Best American Poetry blog (January 2021)

“Barren of Pines” appears in Typo 32 (November 2020)

“Seven Steps to Better Listening” appears at Verse Daily (January 2020)

“Dark Acres” appeared in Oversound (March 2019)

“The Vulture,” “Misnomer,” and “Confirming Your Various Assumptions” appear in the Tiny (April, 2019)

“I wore my dress” appears in the Bennington Review (Winter, 2019)

“Seven Steps to Better Listening” appeared in Bone Bouquet (Feb 2019, sold out)

“At Mercy Meadow” and “Reentry Can Be Even More Difficult”“At Mercy Meadow” and “Reentry Can Be Even More Difficult” appear in Shock of the Femme (2019)

Two microessays—dysoptics and nomensuture—are included in the anthology Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene, edited by Marthe Reed & Linda Russo (Wesleyan, October 2018)

“Where the wall meets the river” in the Nation (March 19–26 issue, 2018; Feb 22, 2018 online)

“Disenchanted Woods” and “Ongoing Experiment” in jubilat (No. 33, Spring 2018)

Congregation at the River” and “The Eyes Have Woods” in the American Poetry Review (Jan/Feb 2018)

Looking for older work?

“The Driest Place on Earth” in the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day series & the audio is also on Soundcloud (Nov 2017)

Friday the 13th Sonnet” at Ink Node (October, 2017)

Names for Storms in Open Letters Monthly (October, 2017)

The Arson Prevention Program” in TAPP (March, 2017)

“It’s Trash Night” and “In what world,” two poems from Creature Sounds Fade, in Bedfellows (Fall 2016 print, Spring 2017 online)

Five poems in the Brooklyn Rail (July/August, 2016)

Desert Valley in Bloom” in About Place (June 2016: Reimagine Everything Differently, Vol. 4, Issue 1)

Three poems in the Laurel Review (Fall 2015, Vol. 48, Issue 2)
With Dashes Fitted, with Intent Spliced
An Obsession with Dirt, a Desire for Order
Never Again

An interview at Tiny Press Practices (August 2015)

A poem in the political poetry feature at the Philadelphia Review of Books (May 2015, no longer online)

Two poems from in Barn Owl Review (Spring 2015)

Virtual Browsing at the Buffalo Small Press Bookfair, a “By the Cover” photo essay at Real Pants (May 2015)

Virtual Browsing at the CUNY/NYC Chapfest, a “By the Cover” photo essay at Real Pants (April 2015)

On Bloof Books at Poetry Society of America (April 2015)

Painting in a Box (and other Poetry Book Design Clichés), a “By the Cover” essay/review at Real Pants (March 2015)

First Impressions,  a “By the Cover” essay/review at Real Pants (February 2015)

Half the Work Is Simply Staring, a “By the Cover” interview with Alban Fischer at Real Pants (February 2015)

Great Pretenders, a “By the Cover” essay/review at Real Pants (January 2015)

Conversion Experience, a “By the Cover” essay/review at Real Pants (January 2015)

Deadfalls & Snares in the Love Economy, a “By the Cover” essay/review at Real Pants (January 2015)

A review of Claudia Rankine’s Citizen, the #1 book of 2014 for Coldfront (January 2015)

A poem appears in the anthology Please Add to This List: Teaching Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets & Experiments (Tender Buttons, 2014)

An interview about my long poem The Hazard Cycle appears in the anthology Sixty Morning Talks by Andy Fitch (Ugly Duckling, 2014) Note: at the time of this interview my poem was called “The Seam.”

“White Chrysanthemums,” a poem at Ink Node (December, 2014)

“Addednum,” a poem aired on WGLT and is available as an mp3 here (October 2014)

An interview at Gazing Grain Press (September 2014)

“Porous Borders,” a poem at Ink Node (Feature of the week, July 1, 2014)

“Twenty Motels” and “Gloria,” two poems in Sink Review, here and here (June 2014)

“White Chrysanthemums,” a poem in the James Schuyler dossier of Court Green (March 2014)

Three poems in Poemeleon (March 2014)

An interview by Nin Andrews at the Best American Poetry blog (January 2014)

A poem in Map Literary (January 2014)

“The Remarried Again Sestina” appears in The Incredible Sestina Anthology (Write Bloody, 2013)

A poem in Women Poets Wearing Sweatpants (December 2013)

A guest post on Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop at the Best American Poetry Blog(October 2013)

An interview at the Kenyon Review blog (September 2013)

A review of Dara Wier’s You Good Thing for Coldfront (August 2013)

A podcast interview by Tony Trigilio, plus a few poems at Radio Free Albion (August 2013)

A poem from Brink at Ink Node (July 2013)

An essay at NPM Daily (April 2013)

Three poems in A Poetry Congeries at Connotation Press (April 2013)

A video of a reading at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair (April 2013)

A serial poem from Brink at Ink Node (March 2013)

A guest post on National Poetry Month at the Best American Poetry Blog (March 2013)

Two poems from Brink in Barrelhouse, and one of them is annotated here (February 2013)

My latest book, Brinkis now available from Bloof Books (January 2013)

A poem from Brink at Verse Daily (January 2013)

A poem from Brink in Everyday Genius (December 2012)

An interview about Brink and The Seam by Andy Fitch at The Conversant (December 2012)

A poem from Brink at Flow (November 2012)

An essay on Joyce Mansour at the Best American Poetry blog (November 2012)

A poem from Brink at Poetry Daily (July 25, 2012)

One poem from Brink in Open Letters Monthly (August 2012)

A forum hosted by Sandra Simonds at the Best American Poetry blog (August, 2012)

Two poems from Brink in Horse Less Review (Link to PDF, Summer 2012)

A poem from Brink on buses in Atlanta, GA, as part of Emory University Poetry Council’s Poetry on the Move series (2012)

Three poems from Brink in Court Green 9 (February 2012)

An excerpt from The Seam in the new issue of Eleven Eleven (February 2012)

A recording of “Sometime I’ll Perfect My Adoration” from Brink appeared at Delirious Hem (December 2011)

Another excerpt from The Seam appeared in Women’s Studies Quarterly (Summer 2011)

Another excerpt from The Seam appeared in Eoagh (Summer 2011)

A poem from Brink appeared as the Poem-a-Day feature and in the Poem Flow app
by the Academy of American Poets (September 2011)

Three poems from Brink appeared in The Awl (June 2011)

An excerpt from The Seam appeared in Ducts (May 2011)

One poem from Brink was video-recorded at AWP 2011 for the PBS Newshour

Two poems from Brink appeared in West Wind Review (February 2011)

One poem from Brink appeared at The Best American Poetry (2010)

Five poems from Brink appeared in No Tell Motel (March, 2010)

One poem from Brink appeared in Black Warrior Review (Spring/Summer, 2010)

Three poems appeared in The Equalizer (Issue 1.3, 2010)

A handmade chapbook wall hanging/pdf e-chap of a poem from Brink appeared as part of Dusie: Kollektiv 4 (Issue 11, 2010)

A series of guest posts & interviews re: the Bloof Books 2010 Tour appeared at The Best American Poetry (September, 2010)

An audio recording of “Argument 9” (now part of The Seam) appeared in the Delirious Hem 2009 Advent Calendar (December 13, 2009)

Three poems from Brink & an essay appeared in LIT 15/16, the 10th Anniversary Edition (June 2009)

Two poems from Brink appeared in Spooky Boyfriend (July 2008)

Three poems & an essay appeared in DMQ review (March 2008)

One poem appeared in Tight (2008)

An essay appeared in Poet’s Bookshelf II (2008)

My second poetry book, For Girls, was released by Bloof Books (January 2008)

One poem from For Girls (& Others), plus an interview by Sina Queryas appeared at Lemon Hound (January 2008)

Three poems from For Girls (& Others), appeared at Lemon Hound (December 2007)

GAMERS was published in Italian by Mondori (2007)

Two poems appeared in Absent (Summer 2007)

A chapbook called Scurrilous Toy was included in the Dusie Kollektiv (Summer 2007)

Two poems appeared in the debut issue of Jumps Journal [no longer online] (July 2007)

One poem appeared in the debut issue of Abraham Lincoln (June 2007)

An essay appeared on the Poetry Foundation website (May 2007)

A poem was recorded as an MP3 for i-outlaw, the internet radio show hosted by by Bob Marcacci (May 2007)

Three poems appeared in Tool (April 2007)

Four poems appeared in Ping-Pong (March 2007)

Three poems appeared in Dusie (January, 2007)

Two poems appeared in Pebble Lake Review (Fall/Winter 2006-2007) (January 2007)

An MP3 of me reading several of the poems in the “For Girls” series was recorded for PennSound. (Scroll to Oct 14, 2006.) (January 2007)

A poem appeared in the poem-a-day The Poetry Calendar 2007. (January 2007)

A poem appeared in the anthology Bowery Women from Bowery Arts & Science (November 2006)

A poem appeared in Poetry 365 (October 2006)

“Romance” appeared in the bouts-rimés dossier section of Court Green 3 (June 2006)

A poem was included in the debut issue of Foursquare (June 2006)

One poem was featured on MiPo Radio’s Goodnight Show (June 2006)

An interview by Kate Greenstreet appeared at Every Other Day (part of a new series of interviews with poets about their first books) (May 2006)

One poem appeared in New York Quarterly (May 2006)

Three poems and an essay on DIY publishing appeared in the second issue of the Tiny (April 2006)

Two poems appeared in Spork (March 2006)

An interview by Tom Beckett appeared at Exchange Values (February 2006)

Three of my own poems and one each by Maureen Thorson & Jason Schneiderman (read by me) were broadcast on WGLT’s Poetry Radio out of Normal/Bloomington, IL. (Spring 2006)

Ten poems appeared in the anthology Digerati: 20 Contemporary Poets in the Virtual World from Three Candles Press (February 2006)

“Überdesigned Happy Juice” appeared in The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel, edited by Reb Livingston & Molly Arden (Winter 2006)

Four poems with MP3 audio and an interview by Laurel Snyder are archived
in MiPoesias, guest-edited by Tom Beckett (Winter 2006)

“Q Platform” appeared on an Emory University shuttle bus poster, as part of Art in Unexpected Places: Poetry on the Move (Fall 2005)

“To Jacques Pepin” appeared in The Best American Poetry 2005 (Fall 2005)

“To Jacques Pepin” was also featured at superchefblog (November 2005)

Four poems appeared in Coconut. (July 2005)

A poem appeared in the Court Green 2. (May 2005)

One poem appeared in Thee Flat Bike #4. (February 2005)

One poem from Down Spooky was featured at Poetry Dailier. (February 2005)

Three poems appeared in the 20th Anniversary Issue of Verse. (January 2005)

Five poems (including three from Down Spooky) appeared in Puppy Flowers. (January 2005)

Five poems from Down Spooky appeared at No Tell Motel. (September 2004)

Four poems (including two from Down Spooky) appeared at Unpleasant Event Schedule. (September 2004)

One poem appeared in Skidrow Penthouse. (July 2004)

One poem appeared in GutCult. (Summer 2004)

Four poems appeared in MiPoesias (Spring 2004)

Two poems appeared in Eye-Rhyme. (February 2004)

One poem appeared in Boog City. (January 2004)

One poem appeared in Gastronomica. (Winter 2004)

Two poems appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly #69 and also in the Painted Bride Quarterly Print Annual 2004. (2003/2004)

A sestina appeared in McSweeney’s. (September 2003)

Two poems appeared in canwehaveourballback? #17 (2003)

An interview appeared as part of the 9for9 project. (2003)

Two poems appeared in 3AM Magazine. (2003)

An essayish thing on Laura Riding appeared in Sidereality. (2003)

Five poems appeared as a poetry feature in Samsara Quarterly. (2003)

Two poems appeared in Both [no longer online]. (2003)

Four poems appeared in La Petite Zine #9. (2003)

Three poems and an interview appeared in Monday Poetry Report [no longer online]. (2002)

A poem appeared in elimae. (2002)

Two poems appeared in failbetter. (2002)

A poem appeared in Pindeldyboz. (2002)

Another poem appeared in Pindeldyboz. (2002)

Two poems appeared in Good Foot (and one is available online there). (2002)

A poem appeared in “Group Text” a show at the Visual-Text Art Venue. (2001)

A poem appeared in the premier issue of CROWD. (2001)

An abecedarium appeared at Cafe Mo. (2001)

A (very) miniature story appeared in Fifty-Word Fiction [scroll down]. (2001)

A poem appeard in Borderlands #15. (2000)

Two poems appeared in The Recorder. (2000)

A poem appeared in West Wind Review. (1999)

Two poems appeared in Santa Barbara Review [no longer online]. (1995)

Three poems appeared (and won the Feature Poet Award) in Analecta XX. (1994)