A film-poem

“The Eyes Have Woods” is a film-poem at Vimeo. It is also featured at Moving Poems.

New & Recent

Midwinter Day: A Constellation is a collaborative book written in homage to Bernadette Meyer on the 30th anniversary of her Midwinter Day, cowritten by Stephanie Anderson, Hanna Andrews, Julia Bloch, Susan Briante, Lee Ann Brown, Laynie Browne, Shanna Compton, Mel Coyle, Marisa Crawford, Vanessa Jimenez Gabb, Arielle Greenberg, Jenny Gropp, Stefania Heim, MC Hyland, erica kaufman, Becca Klaver, Caolan Madden, Pattie McCarthy, Monica McClure, Jenn Marie Nunes, Danielle Pafunda, Maryam Ivette Parhizkar, Khadijah Queen, Linda Russo, Katie Jean Shinkle, Evie Shockley, Sara Jane Stoner, Dawn Sueoka, Bronwen Tate, Catherine Wagner, Elisabeth Workman, and Mia You, and organized by Becca Klaver. It’s available from Black Lawrence Press as of January 2022. 

My fourth book of poetry, Creature Sounds Fade, is available from Black Lawrence Press (2021). It is also available from Small Press Distribution and your favorite independent bookstores. (If you’d like a signed copy, I’m working on that!)

“What I Really Wanted Was a Forest” appeared in the Lit section at The News Station (Summer 2021, no longer online)

“The Arson Prevention Program” appears on The Best American Poetry blog (January 2021)

“Barren of Pines” appears in Typo 32 (November 2020)

“Seven Steps to Better Listening” appears at Verse Daily (January 2020)

“Dark Acres” appeared in Oversound (March 2019)

“The Vulture,” “Misnomer,” and “Confirming Your Various Assumptions” appear in the Tiny (April, 2019)

“I wore my dress” appears in the Bennington Review (Winter, 2019)

“Seven Steps to Better Listening” appeared in Bone Bouquet (Feb 2019)

“At Mercy Meadow” and “Reentry Can Be Even More Difficult”“At Mercy Meadow” and “Reentry Can Be Even More Difficult” appear in Shock of the Femme (2019)

Selected Earlier Work

Two microessays—dysoptics and nomensuture—are included in the anthology Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene, edited by Marthe Reed & Linda Russo (Wesleyan, October 2018)

“Where the wall meets the river” in the Nation (March 19–26 issue, 2018; Feb 22, 2018 online)

“Disenchanted Woods” and “Ongoing Experiment” in jubilat (No. 33, Spring 2018)

Congregation at the River” and “The Eyes Have Woods” in the American Poetry Review (Jan/Feb 2018)

“The Driest Place on Earth” in the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day series & the audio is also on Soundcloud (Nov 2017)

Friday the 13th Sonnet” at Ink Node (October, 2017)

Names for Storms in Open Letters Monthly (October, 2017)

The Arson Prevention Program” in TAPP (March, 2017)

“It’s Trash Night” and “In what world,” two poems from Creature Sounds Fade, in Bedfellows (Fall 2016 print, Spring 2017 online)

Five poems in the Brooklyn Rail (July/August, 2016)

Desert Valley in Bloom” in About Place (June 2016: Reimagine Everything Differently, Vol. 4, Issue 1)