• The cover of (CREATURE SOUNDS FADE) by Shanna Compton, featuring a painting of a wolf in ochre, pink, black, and gray against a pale blue-gray background. The title and author name are styled in semi-opaque black boxes and yellow monospace type, in the manner of Closed Captions, which are a theme. The back cover shows three blurbs, by Diane Seuss, Dara Wier, and Anselm Berrigan.
  • The cover of Midwinter Constellation. It’s a mottled turquoise blue with a vintage look and cream type. A few stars and hand-drawn loop float behind the title and cross the spine to the back cover, where all 32 author names and the blurbs appear.
  • Black and white short of two rows of trees on either side of an unseen road, as seen from below. A few raindrops have collected on the window or camera lens, overlaying the trees. In white text across the center, an all-caps title reads “The Eyes Have Woods.” This is the title screen from a film-poem.

Late hours roll in sooty & untenanted
the ghosts gone wandering Woe’s plateau
feels plain like no terrain at all

—from ”Congregation at the river,” from (Creature Sounds Fade)