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The Brooklyn-based Compton (downspooky) already enjoys some reputation among hipsters, but this third volume is all sorts of breakthrough…two restrained sequences and two sets of wild, outré, funny stand-alone lyrics. —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

In Brink, Compton flirts with disaster on every page, constantly teetering on the edge of complete devastation. [She] mixes the mundane alongside the fantastic in this collection. Mars and other planets are referenced in medias res of a couple's arguments, shoplifting, and the common aches for adoration and perfection within the human condition. In this way, the poems suggest a futuristic landscape while also seeming so familiar that they hint towards the anxiety of a doomed future being much nearer than we would like to conceive. —PANK

"The text of the poems [in For Girls (& Others)], culled from a variety of other sources as well, presents an unceasing attack on female humanity for the sake of perceived femininity ("never let them see you perspire"). The prevailing and unabashed objectification of women should not come as a surprise in a text that predates universal suffrage, however Compton makes her point inside the many surviving prejudices. When Britney Spears shearing her golden locks is followed with such intense public zeal, surely the unwritten gender rules continue to be heeded. Using this critique as her context, Compton delivers the unexpected other side of the coin, reaching beyond the politics on the surface and delivering delicately crafted and amusing poems." —ArtVoice